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Legislative Help

Instructions for assisting in Legislative matters for POW/MIAs

It's Time to go to work in support of the un-accounted for military men and women.

We have two (2) House Resolutions we need to support at this time.

Our goal is to gain additional co-sponsors for each Resolution by asking for it from each Representative of Congress.

1. House Resolution 231 - Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs – Rep. Bachmann, R-Mn

2. House Resolution 286 - Leave no Armed Service members behind in Afghanistan – Rep. Nugent, R-Fl

The Text of both of these resolutions are attached. Take a moment to refresh yourself with the wording and the intent of each resolution.

Attached you will also find a current contact listing for all Congressional Representative and we have included a current contact listing of the Senate for future use.

Let's get started!

What you'll need:

1. copy of each Resolution - accessible and easy to read (large font for the mature Activist)

2. Paper/ipad/laptop - to make notes on

3. pencil/pen/stylus/keyboard - to write your notes with

4. Congressional Contact List - perhaps cut & paste from the master list provided to create a smaller manageable list of those you wish to contact at this sitting.

5. Names and contact information of those you might wish to refer your info to or those you may refer your contact to for additional information, (i.e. our Legislative team, Ted Shpak, [email protected] - Gus Dante, [email protected] -Paul Carro, [email protected] - Bob Bulldog Ousley, [email protected] –moe, [email protected] .

6. Information on Bowe Bergdahl.(date captured-where held-who is holding him, etc.)Google it.

7. Information/Statistics on Missing in Action (Use DPMO website for current government numbers)

Action you take:

1. Dial the Washington D.C. office telephone number of the Representative.

2. Ask the receptionist for the name of the staff member that handles Military/Defense/POW/MIA/Veteran legislation for the Representative. After receiving the answer(write it down) ask to be connected to the Staff member. (if they are not in - ask for their email and mobile phone). Upon connecting to the Staffer, introduce yourself and the National Organization you are representing -HONOR-RELEASE-RETURN, Inc.(note – we are a National Organization so you do not have to be from their ‘district’ to ask for their sponsorship.) Ask the staffer some ice breaker questions, How long have you been with the Representative?, Have you work with other Reps prior? Did you serve in the military? Have a family? Are you responsible for advising the Rep. on Armed Services/Military Legislative issues?     

3. Ask the staffer if they know the name, Bowe Bergdahl. Educate them.

4. Ask the staffer if they know how many American Service members are still Un-Accounted for since WWII. Educate them.

5. Introduce the staffer to H.Res.231 & H.Res.286. use your own words to explain the importance of each one.

6. Ask the staffer if they will advise their Representative to become co-sponsors of these two resolutions.

Supply the staffer with person they need to contact for each resolution to confirm their representative support:

H. Res. 231 = [email protected]

H. Res. 286 = [email protected]

7. Offer to email them a copy of the text of each Resolution.  

8. Request their mobile number/direct line(and email if you didn’t already receive it) because you want to follow up with them after they speak to their Representative.

9. Close your conversation – thank them for their support of the issues and their time. Be specific that you will call back and check on the status of their efforts.

10. Make notes while it is still fresh.

11. Take a short break to regroup before you commence the next call.

After action consideration:

1. Consolidate your notes

2. Share information with organizations legislative group.

3. Mark your calendar/outlook/ipad to alert you to when you need to follow up with those you contacted. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

4. Critique yourself and make adjustments to your presentation to gain guaranteed affirmation with each Representative you contact.

Contact us if you have questions and we’ll do our best to supply answers.

Bulldog – 615 513 5852

Moe – 863 324 7268

FYI – the following are already signed on as co sponsors for H. RES. 231:

(*) by their name indicates original sponsor. No need to contact them regarding H.RES. 231.

link to find your contacts in Congress

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